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Indie Night Los Angeles



Director: Keegan Love-Jones

Writer: Keegan Love-Jones

Producer:  Keegan Love-Jones and Robert Ri’chard

Description: In a dystopian world driven by social status currency, a chance encounter sparks a woman’s transformation as she confronts the superficial allure of social media.

Time 12:59


Director:  Mark Ridgill

Writer:     Mark Ridgill

Producer: Mark Ridgill

Description: A young man realizes he’s no match for a seasoned detective who holds all the cards in an investigation.

Time 8:57


Director: Jermaine Smith, Kevin Ramirez

Writer: Jermaine Smith

Producer: Jermaine Smith

Description: “Fixated” is about a woman named “Amira” who finally leaves a toxic relationship after years of abuse. She turns to her befriend “Seven” for support after constantly being harassed with unknown messages and treating notes after the breakup.

Time: 23:55

Angel & Paris

Director:  Ashton Ghaffaar, Chris Graziano

Writer:  Ashton Ghaffaar, Chris Graziano

Producer:   Ashton Ghaffaar, Chris Graziano

Description:  .Angel & Paris are a notorious robbery team. When a dangerous heist against a powerful Kingpin goes wrong, the couple are forced to seek help from Paris’ estranged family of skilled thieves as they go to war against the crime organization.

Time 28:00:

I Am Cain

Director: Colby Sinclair Herbst

Writer: Colby Sinclair Herbst

Producer: Colby Sinclair Herbst and Kendall Christianson

Description: A Man goes to a cabin to drink himself to death after finding out he’s going to be a father.


Director: Emmanuel Benitez, David Solis Jr.

Writer: Ryan Jacobs and David Solis Jr.

Producer: Emmanuel Benitez and Ryan Jacobs

Description: Welcome to Mexico. A pair of mercenaries, find themselves over their heads and without backup as they interrogate their only lead.

Time: 06:29


Director: D’Angelo “D’Lo” Louis

Writer: D’Angelo “D’Lo” Louis

Producer: Jamari Perry and David Hunter Jr.

Description: Overcome by abuse, a teenage black boy is forced to choose between pulling the trigger or not in an effort to protect himself. In turn, we are split between two realities of fate – the dream or a dream deferred.

Time: 12:25


Director: Mario Ricardo Rodriguez and Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm

Writer:Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm

Producer:Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm

Description: A diabolical madman known as The Director 2.0, with a vendetta against Wolverine, plots a way to take his powers and use him as a distraction as he enacts his ultimate means of destroying all superpowered beings, by pitting him against his one ally, Blade, in a fight to the death. Lucas Bishop must find a way to break free of his control so he can save his friends and the rest of humanity.

Time: 22:00


Director: Iver William Jallah

Writer: Iver William Jallah

Producer: Nickolas Ballard

Description: Roberto a recent college graduate from Venezuela. He moves to American in hope to find a new life.

Time: 18:13

Don’t Make Sense

Director: Ali Sharif-Ivey

Writer: C. Mayes

Producer:David Velo Stewart

Description: The story of a young man battling with the addiction of self inflicting pain. This film seeks to raise the awareness and create dialogue for solutions to the mental health issues in the African American community.

Time: 04:38

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