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Indie Night Los Angeles


The Invite

Director: Johnathan Harris and Shahan Rao

Writer: Glenn Lynch and Hannah Rize

Producer: Glenn Lync, Banko & Sabrina Hassan

Description:  A young ambitious couple decide to make it official and jump the broom to get married. As they are excited for spending the rest of their lives together, the realization hits that they haven’t broken the news to their families yet and worry about the blending of the these two families. Lorenzo’s family is very real and rough around the edges some might say while Jasmine’s family is full poise and constantly trying to uphold their “image”

Time 17:22

A Re-Intrification: A Place We Call Home

Director: Fego Navarro

Writer: Desire Vigil and Sineo

Description: Re-Entrification is a film that tells the story of residents that have been displaced from their homes due to the city’s high cost of living. Tiny homes became a sanctuary where families can have the fundamental human right of a home. This film tells their story on how they made the decision to seek this type of support. Re-Entrification sheds light on the housing crisis in the Bay Area.

Time 1:08:47

For Richard or Poorer

Director: Eugene Hawkins

Writer:Janét Uzzell

Producer: Janét Uzzell

Description: “For Richard or Poorer” is a witty and heartwarming romantic comedy short film that follows the journey of newly engaged couple Richard and Jada. When Richard, a veteran NFL linebacker, encounters a career hurdle, he must see if his fiancé is with him for love amidst concerns of Jada being with him for financial gain.

Time 21:10


Director: Dameon Victorian

Writer: Dameon Victorian

Description: Issac P. Clark is determined to expose the company he works for, THE FOUNDATION. In spite of that fact, Issac’s plan is immediately turned upside down once his Supervisor catches wind of his treachery.

Time: 09:36

Performing Art

Director: Andy Southern

Writer: Andy Southern

Description: The story of one of the world’s most promising up and coming performance artists and what led to his disappearance from the public eye 4 years ago. A look at the isolating struggles associated with pursuing a life in the arts from a darkly comedic perspective.

Time: 09:17

Bajo La Tierra

Director: Pablo Guillen

Writer: Pablo Guillen

Producer: Mon Castro and Daniel Radzinsky

Description: Alma is a young Mexican woman living in an isolated ranch with her mother Josefa. Their relationship becomes increasingly fragile as Alma becomes obsessed with work. When her mother tragically passes away, Alma becomes sick with the guilt of her neglect and takes on an unhealthy amount of work to drown it out. A task that becomes increasingly difficult when a series of supernatural disturbances begin to test her sanity.

Will Alma manage to get a hold of her life or lose herself trying?

Time: 17:00


Director: Michael Cory Davis

Writer: Michael Cory Davis

Producer: Michael Cory Davis

Description: When a first date takes a wrong turn it leaves a woman unhinged and forces a serial dater into a conversation that will change his life forever.

Time: 19:09

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