INDIE NIGHT FILM FESTIVAL, the only weekly film festival in the world based in Hollywood, CA, is excited to announce its’ season 9 finale awards ceremony to be held Saturday, December 18, 2021 with Executive Director, Tamyra Gordon present to award the Top Filmmaker of the Year. Founded by Dave Brown, a Morehouse graduate and veteran in the film industry, the festival has taken place at the Mann’s Chinese Theater weekly in the heart of Hollywood, California for the last nine years and was the first festival to go virtual using their online platform Indie Night On Demand at

Dave Brown says, “The pandemic made us stronger. We are grateful for the support given as we held the festival and screenings virtually ON DEMAND in 2019-2020 and reopened at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in June 2021. We have selected the top 12 films to screen with us ON DEMAND this holiday season out of nearly 200 films. The top 3 films will be announced this Saturday, December 18th at 3pm! This year marks the first contest for the festival. Building a bridge back to Hollywood for aspiring filmmakers is at the forefront of our mind for next season. We are excited to take Indie Night to another level in season 10″.

The festival showcases short films, feature films, web-series, documentaries, plus monologues and returns strong as they recently completed a 6 month fellowship as a Blavity Growth Fellow. Blavity is a Black-owned company that runs five content brands like Afro Tech, Shadow and Act, and namesake news site formed in 2014., Blavity Inc’s sister nonprofit, launched the Growth Fellowship in 2021 to address the underrepresentation of Black entrepreneurs in fields and expanding Black economic advancement. Joining us this Saturday will be the Executive Director of Tamyra Gordon to award the Top Indie Night Filmmakers of the Year with an amazing opportunity to write and direct a promo video for

The festival is currently seeking sponsors and strategic partners to travel the Festival to major cities in the next 5 years. Kizzie Duah, the Executive Director of Indie Night says, “We are growing rapidly and have the desire to make the necessary connections and partnerships to reach new and seasoned filmmakers. If you have a special event and would like Indie Night to kick it off, drop us an email”. The festival will continue to screen films in person at the TCL Chinese Theater beginning season 10 January 8th and virtually for filmmakers unable to travel hitting countries like Africa, South America, China, and Europe. Filmmakers everywhere are encouraged to submit their films now for a chance to have their work seen. You may purchase a ticket for the season 9 finale at

All Press Inquiries: Attn: Kizzie Brown-Duah. A Note to Editors: Please email if you plan to attend Indie Night December 18th. The founder, Dave Brown is available for phone or in-person interviews this week.